Assurance of Student Learning

The assurance of student learning at National University begins with identifying learning outcomes, statements of what students should know or be able to do upon graduation, for students. Focusing on strong learning outcomes provides both accountability to the student learners and a framework for curriculum development for faculty. Students will have information about expectations for learning achievement, and faculty will be able to demonstrate student achievement of those expectations.

The processes and procedures for assessment of student learning outcomes allow National University to demonstrate accountability and assure external constituents, such as potential students, trustees, public officials, accrediting organizations, and other key stakeholders, that students achieve learning expectations for the programs in which they participate. By measuring student learning, National University is able to evaluate student success in order to inform continuous improvement of programs and courses and provide feedback and guidance to individual students.

Assessment and Educational Effectiveness

At National University, the Office of Accreditation and Curriculum and the Office of Assessment, Planning and Strategic Research lead university accreditation efforts and advance excellence in evidence-based assessment of learning. We promote innovative approaches to student learning outcomes assessment and program review that result in actionable and meaningful changes for continuous improvement. Additionally, we deliver quality professional development, resources, and consultation in support of academic and co-curricular departments to lead to superior university programs and services.

Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research at National University provides support for university-level surveys and reporting, including analysis of university data and information. Data collected and reported by Institutional Research are used to inform decision making, including appropriate interpretation of analysis results for operational, budgetary, and strategic planning. Based on the needs of key internal and external stakeholders, reports are provided for university processes, such as academic program review and other regional or specialized accreditation-related needs.